Debian to support non free firmware in "12"

So I did my usual update (dist-upgrade) and received a message stating there’s a new repo for Debian users → deb Index of /debian bookworm main non-free-firmware
All you need to do (according to this page non free chapter ) is add a file to /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/and name it no-bookworm-firmware.conf with APT::Get::Update::SourceListWarnings::NonFreeFirmware “false”; inside it. I tested this to see if I quit getting the “warnings” about the new repo and it does shut them up.
There’s other things (like pip) that changed in Debian 12 (Bookworm) you can see them here: Chapter 5. Issues to be aware of for bookworm for those planning to go to Bookworm it’s great reading.
Me I’m hoping I can quit referring people to the part of the release notes telling them to enable the non free repos and run isenkram-cli to get their firmware, but it’s a hope :wink: cause nobody RTFMs
Have a great day :upside_down_face: :grin: :grin:

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This is cool! So now Debian, although it’s the parent of Ubuntu, has moved in a more Ubuntu-like direction. It is allowing Debian to be a more user-friendly install experience since Ubuntu can already be easily installed on hardware without requiring the modification of firmware software.

Well kinda cool, it’s because of all the proprietary stuff that’s being sold. It’s gotten to be an act of God installing on a laptop because of that crap. The actual debate about this has been 5 years at least. So they had to so peeps could have their wireless connection work after installing.

I perfectly understand that the


approach would mute the warnings. I think it is not the best way to go. As you are disabling the non-free-firmware repo, it can easily cause compatibility issues with the hardware. I would prefer to use the isenkram-cli to manage the firmware in order to avoid hardware not functioning properly down the line.

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I’ve also updated a couple of my servers from Debian 11 to 12 lately and I saw the annoying warning when trying to run the apt update command. Luckily, the warning included the documentation link that you mentioned, and I could hide the messages.