Debian 12 "bookworm" released

Debian 12 “bookworm” released!

Discuss! Are you on Debian and are you upgrading? Are you considering switching to it?

Personally, I am thinking of hopping to Debian. I want to try out a stable distribution and kernel 6.1 finally supports my hardware properly. I am thinking of switching to KDE from GNOME though - I’m on a laptop - any opinions?

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I’m on Kali, so right now just moved from being based on Debian 12 to Debian 13 “trixie”. It’s cool because upgrades are just apt update ; apt upgrade -y. Actually I use alias upd which runs those 2 commands.

I like that move you suggest to Debian, personally, I prefer Gnome, but if you do try KDE, let us know how that goes. I have not tried KDE in many years.

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I have tried a live environment of Debian 12 KDE a couple days. Although I enjoyed the Debian base itself, I was slightly disappointed to note that the KDE workflow did not really fit me. Apparently, I have grown very reliant onto Gnome’s touchpad gestures, and those in KDE are simply not as refined and smooth as those. I kept trying to switch workspaces and open the overview with touchpad gestures which, in the former case worked but not as smoothly, and in the latter simply wasn’t there (I believe it’s a four-finger pinch-in gesture, but that is really awkward to do compared to Gnome’s three-finger swipe up). Remaining on Fedora (and Gnome) for now, but I might switch to Debian Gnome later if I find time and if I run into issues with Fedora.

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Same here. This is why I’ve mated Gnome + i3 using pop-shell. I’m not sure if I would enjoy linux desktop without both of those in place. Although, hyprland is looking VERY promising!

Those look super interesting, Hyperland looks really good. I never used a tiling WM, but I did install the gTile extension for some tiling goodness yesterday. You know, perhaps I will be using a tiling DE (is that the appropriate name?) in a bit :wink:

Yes, that’s correct. Not many tiling DE’s available, though. At least not at first boot like

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That looks interesting. I had heard that name before but I never really had taken a proper look. I’ll see how much I will use the tiling feature for now :slight_smile:

Hi. All I can say so far is with Debian 11.7 HP printer support works.
When I tried it with 12 it did not work. hplip_gui and hp-setup.
Have not uncovered the cause.


Hm, Interesting. I’ve not be able to get my HP printer to work with Kali either. I first installed Kali a few months back and used the hplib script as always but no-go!


If you hear anything please post it here. I will say this. HPLIP_GUI and CUPS
is a real mess… Surprised anything works.

Hi Ken. So I reinstalled Kali on my desktop and laptop and this time around I have zero printing issues. I just installed cups and hplip packages via apt - then I was able to find my HP printer via the network search. The only challenge is scanning. I still have to log in to Windows or use the HP app on my iPhone to control the scanning feature.

Even though I am on Ubuntu, I have to admit that the stability accorded by Debian is something that I personally applaud. If I consider switching, I think I would surely have a look in on Kernel 6.1 given your hardware. When it comes to desktop though, I am a huge lover of the incredible ability to customize KDE on laptops as it stands.