Dealing with poor coverage?

Just wondering if anyone noticed issues this year. Since around February, I started losing service on my phone. I was without it for a week and couldn’t get through to my carrier. I finally did and decided to just go with a different service. Now that I switched, I do have coverage but it is a lot worse. The last one my service was completely dropped everywhere and this new one seems to be VERY spotty. I am wondering if it has to do with what towers they are on and this push/move to 5G. A lot of 3G towers are being disabled.

I’ve been using a 4G signal booster. Installed outside, on the roof and has increased signal from 1 bar to full bars.

It could be down to where you live. When they do roll out changes, it can alter the signal in various pockets where coverage was already spotty.

I was having issues with my last carrier so I switched. I went from having no service anywhere to having no service in certain areas of my house. I need to get a phone that can support Verizon towers. Those are the only ones that seem to function in this area.

I agree. There are so many BOYP carriers out there, you can switch companies monthly and see which provides the best coverage/speed.
Everytime we move, we search for the best Carrier.

I ended up with another carrier that has issues as well. I think this is down to coverage though as I have a friend who said he gets iffy coverage in this area too. So I am going to have to wait to go back to Verizon towers (on T-mobile right now) when I have a phone that supports them.

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T-Mobile towers are bad in my area as well. Unless you live in specific areas or close to the city spots, you are going to get poor service. I was with them for a bit but had to switch for work. I was missing texts and calls all the time. That is one of the downsides of certain phones - they can’t accept all towers. I ran into this issue when I bought a Xiaomi phone.

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