Congrats Mat! - Winner of this month’s Firewalla Blue Plus Device

It’s my pleasure to announce this month’s winner of the second of three Firewalla Blue Plus devices!

This month’s winner is @Mat

Mat is an optical scientist who often messes around with computers for work and pleasure. Along the way, he’s built systems to suit his interests or needs. Experienced with Windows and Unix-like systems, especially Linux.

I will ship the device to Mat’s address this week. Congrats Mat! :partying_face:

Now, this is the last month (June 2022) that new and existing community members can enter to win the last remaining Firewalla Blue Plus devices!

A reminder on how to enter the contest

  1. Join our new community forums using this link if you haven’t already.
  2. Participate in forum discussions with at least one post (or new thread) every 10 days.
    (a minimum of 3 posts/threads over 30 days is required).

Looking forward to announcing this month’s Firewalla Blue Plus winner at the end of the month!

Also, read the original giveaway announcement.


Congratulations, @Mat. I look forward to reading your thoughts about your new toy.

Mat says he’s unable to accept the Firewalla Blue Plus. As such, I will extend the giveaway and award the device at the end of this month AND at the end of July.

Here was his full message:

Hi Hayden,

I sincerely appreciate the gift, but I’m not in any position to use it now. Might you be able to give to someone who might be able to put it to use? I hope this doesn’t mess anything up.

It’s nice to win something though. :slight_smile:

I’m getting more than enough from the community. Thank you for providing the space for us to share.



Congrats Mat!! Sorry to hear you can’t use it. But that life in the big city ::wink:

Thanks tmick. :slight_smile: Rather than let it sit around for when I have the time and skill (possibly never) to use it, I want someone better suited to have the opportunity. Good luck to whoever wins it.

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Thanks for being gracious about it. Looking forward to announcing the next winner. I will notify them first as I did with @Ben, before posting congrats publicly. :grimacing: My bad there.


I love mine! I check the app daily. Just wish it could do vlans. :blush::blush::grinning::grinning:. I switched from vlans to a flat network but it’s not a big deal. Still love it.

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