Choosing Linux Terminal Emulators - Discussion and List

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The terminal emulator stands as an unsung hero, bridging the gap between user and machine with a blend of simplicity and power. As we delve into the world of terminal emulators, we uncover a landscape rich in diversity and innovation. From the classic simplicity of XTerm to the modern, Rust-powered elegance of Warp, terminal emulators…


@Don11 two of the perfect ones and productive ones that i can recommend. One is Tabby, smooth and easy and really fast: GitHub - Eugeny/tabby: A terminal for a more modern age and the second is warp : GitHub - warpdotdev/Warp: Warp is a modern, Rust-based terminal with AI built in so you and your team can build great software, faster. I previously used iTerm2 but not anymore.
Give it a try and let me know, which works but these two wont disappoint you.
alles gut,

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Great questions. My favorites are Tilix and Terminator.

Tilix offers an advanced tiling mechanism, allowing you to split the terminal window both vertically and horizontally. This feature facilitates multitasking and improves workflow efficiency, especially for complex tasks.

It provides high customization options, including support for saving layouts and sessions. This means you can configure your workspace precisely how you want it and return to it every time you open Tilix, enhancing productivity.

Terminator also excels in handling multiple sessions within the same window with split screens.

It offers extensive keyboard shortcuts for almost every function, which can significantly speed up your workflow. This feature is particularly beneficial for power users who prefer keyboard commands over mouse interactions. In my case, I’m using with i3wm.

I am more familiar with Docker Linux Terminal. First of all, it could create a sub system WSL on your windows system then you escape additionnal terminal Ubuntu for Windows. Second, you could combine between Docker development and linux command line. Third, it is more profesionnal with Redis database with Docker image.

Can you elaborate on this. Make it more user friendly. Maybe include some links and a guide for new users as you your setup and use case. If not too much to ask.

Warp is not Linux (yet)

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Ahh I understand your original post now. Thanks @saoussen5765

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Windows Powershell LOL. JK. I love terminator

Personally I like Mate-Terminal. It runs on every flavor of Linux
and has the options I want like definable backspace key and
with a click go from 24x80 to 24x132 nice for watching updates.

Hi @KenUnix Welcome to the forums!
Are you using Mate desktop also?

I have used GNOME, MATE and XFCE.
Mate-Terminal will work under all of them.

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I have Gmone on a desktop pc. Will check it out.


Let me know how it works out for you.

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I’m comfortable with the Mac built-in terminal – nothing fancy :slight_smile:


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I use a customized version of Terminator that meets my requirements. I pay more attention to choosing the shell than the emulator.

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Great question. Your post is now a Wiki-post. Communiy members can add/edit.

Windows Powershell is a Windows Terminal Emulator. So either you have windows installed or you run with Virtual Box. They have introduced recently a version for Ubuntu users or to Almalinux users. It is like using LibreOffice on Windows but it is more intended to Ubuntu users.