Check out Crunchbang++ Linux distro

Crunchbang Linux - a great Linux distro that ran well on non-PAE systems. Thinkpad T42/43s supported PAE but didn’t report it, making installing some Linux distros a pain.


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Man, oh yea! I remember Crunchbang! I used that distro for a year or so on my E430 Thinkpad.

I’m about to live-boot one of its successors now crunchbang++. Thanks for bringing it up!

Here’s a screenshot I pulled from their website:

Edit: This IS Crunchbang reincarnated. Here’s a screenshot from my VM install:

The installer is Debian bliss. You can configure RAID right from the installer. About to install this on my laptop.

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That does look pretty darn clean!! That’s still Openbox wm? Is there any way to add tiling to #!++?

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This distro looks very interesting! I wouldn’t mind trying out Crunchbang++ (or “BunsenLabs Linux Lithium”) simply to explore the feature set and see how much I can customize it. Thanks for the info!

One thing i find very cool is that after install there’s a welcome terminal window with about 10 steps that gives you Y/N options on what additional software you would like to install. From Chrome, to video codecs, printer support, additional screens, etc.

Compared to BunsenLabs, Crungbang++ is most like the original, the changes they made were very welcomed. For example, a tabbed task bar and system tray by default.

Its very lightweight, about 500MB of memory used on boot up. And its Debian 11 without snaps. Highly recommended for low end machines or for a smooth workflow.

I used Crunchbang love over 10 years ago and have quite honestly forgotten about it. I would imagine the “++” is their newest/latest version. Had no idea it was even still running.

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I was going to say the same thing. I thought this was scrapped years ago!

I might have to check this out for myself. Is there a place where I can see projects like this? I would not have known it was still a thing without having seen this thread.

Check out