Changes to the forum homepage

Hey everyone!

So, I received some feedback over the weekend that the forum is challenging to figure out where to begin.

As such, in an effort to address what I agreed to be a valid concern, I made some changes to our community front page.

See the screenshot below:

Changelog of notable changes:

  1. add a “getting started” category at the very top in vivid green.
  2. Moved up the site help and announcements forums (from the bottom) to within the getting started category. So that help + announcements can be found/read easily by regular members
  3. Added useful links for new members to the following topics. introduction thread, rules and our trust levels guide.
  4. Merged all introduction threads into one thread - this will reduce the number of threads that get mixed into the Latest list.

I hope you find these welcome changes. I’m sorry for any inconvenience/confusion caused yesterday during the time of the changes.

This post is left open intentionally for any feedback or suggestions you may have.