Can Custom Kernel Builds Optimize Linux Computers for Crypto Mining?

We all are aware of the need to optimize our Linux systems to perform at it’s maximal capacity. When it comes to mining crypto, the traditional tweaks of turning clock speeds and the rest might do a decent job.

I am thinking though if custom Kernel builds can offer Linux users a leeway to tailor the Kernel to the specific needs of crypto mining. My thinking is that with customized kernels, one can access functionalities that can’t be found in standard kernels like enabling support for mining algorithms.

Is it possible to experiment with Kernels for mining? If it is in the affirmative, which tools can be used to oversee the Kernel building process for crypto mining?

Custom Kernels for crypto mining is complex. I don’t think it is feasible to directly enable specific mining algorithms. There are stability risks to think about too. I still advocate a well-maintained mainline Kernel combined with standard optimization techniques like overclock fine-tuning and power management would be the most feasible approach.