Bottles – Windows apps on Linux

I discovered bottles recently.

It allows you to run Windows apps under Linux. It’s essentially just a nice-looking WINE frontend with some extras but it’s super handy and looks great. Most apps I have tested have worked fine.

Have you used it?

The Bottles name is quite clever; where do people store different types of wines? In bottles! :slight_smile:

When using Lutris it installs a different Wine version for every game (taking up a lot of disk space). Bottles instead creates configurable sandboxes, in which several apps can be launched which saves space.

That said, Lutris has the biggest community (much larger than bottles) and most frequent development.

This is cool! I tried wine back in the day. But this frontend looks amazing. I wonder if it works on Chromebooks… I might make the switch if it does. . .

While the Bottles offers easier setup than WINE with the settings already configured pre installation for popular apps, it still heavily depends on WINE. You need to update both Bottles and WINE for Bottles to work well. I could as well just use WINE and avoid multiplicity of apps.