Beyond the server room- What else do you use Linux for in your life?

Linux has attained a notorious reputation for powering the web running countless servers in the process. But maybe, we can talk about how Linux has helped us in our personal and professional lives.

Can Linux be used for music production and on stage live performance? Can a photographer base his editing job on Linux? Does Linux have 3D softwares for architectural modelling?

Share with us the various ways Linux has been utilized to enhance your personal and professional life? Has Linux helped you beyond being servers?

When it comes to computer operating systems, the truth is that they are not very useful on their own without applications running on them. In order to get any actual work done, users need to run various programs and applications that are designed to run on top of the operating system. This means that, in theory, a user could use any operating system effectively as long as they have access to the right applications. For instance, a professional graphic designer who uses Photoshop could work just as efficiently on any operating system, provided that the application is also available on that system.

However, the unfortunate reality is that not all applications are created equally and not all of them are available on every operating system. This can be a frustrating and limiting experience for users who rely on certain applications to get their work done. For example, some professional-level applications are not fully supported on Linux, which means that users who prefer that operating system may need to find alternative, open-source applications or switch to a different operating system entirely.

Ultimately, for most users, the choice of operating system may not make a huge difference in terms of day-to-day use. However, for those who require specific applications or work in server environments, the choice of operating system can be important.


Linux has available great tools like Ardour for music and GIMP for photo editing.

While it’s versatile, it’s true that not all professional applications are available on Linux. This can be a limiting factor for some users, depending on their specific needs.

It’s all about finding the right balance between available tools and requirements.