Best Raspberry Pi 5 case?

Anyone got hands on the new Raspberry Pi 5? See them on eBay starting at well over $100 for the 8GB model.

Anyone can recommend a good Raspberry Pi 5 case? Is the active cooling fan necessary? Or can get away with the heat sync cases. Curious about the heat.

If you have a 3D printer, you can find lots of 3D models for Raspberry 5.

For example:

Btw, even if you don’t have a 3D printer, you can get an entry-model printer for $150 and then print the case by yourself, instead of buying a case over $100.


I can’t personally recommend because I don’t own the RPI 5. Agreed that it’s still too expensive. But I own this case in black for my RPI 4: Flirc Raspberry Pi 5 Case - If cooling works like it does with the RPI 4, then you should be happy with it.

Also, check out Pi 5 Fanless Case (Box)_上海晶珩官网 (Chinese company, I’m sure they will be on eBay etc soon)


Thanks, guys. I had forgotten all about the 3D printing option. I don’t have a printer. But I found 3D-printed cases on Etsy.


I ordered this one, but I wouldn’t recommended. The acrylic does not seat the raspberry pi properly and it just doesn’t look good.
Does it do the job of being a case, Yes.

Geekworm 9 Layers Computer Acrylic Case for Raspberry Pi 5 4GB/8GB (P394-A)

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Have you had a chance to play around with the Rpi 5 board yet?

The $100 was for the board, not the case, I’m sure. They are pre-orderable and I asked Pi-Hut here in the UK how soon they estimate to be fully in-stock. They said February, so maybe they’ll be readily available in March.

With regard to cooling and fan use, I asked about software control of the fan (to demand silent running when desired), on Raspberry Pi’s launch blog. No response to that one, unfortunately, though there are some graphs in those posts that give some temperature test results. You can always operate without a fan and still expect to get a faster machine than the Pi 4.

The Flirc case looks really good to me. They do well in tests for passive cooling so far. Frustratingly, they don’t give figures on that at the link given for that in this post. The whole case acts as a heat-sink though, so you should I imagine enjoy significantly greater fan-less performance, compared to any 3D-printed one. I’d look out for reviews for it, while awaiting your new Pi. Come on Jeff Geerling/Explaining Computers!


I don’t really use the GPIO, but I’m trying to make a media server for the car. The kids watch a lot of kids YouTube, but that’s been eating up my hot spot bandwidth… So I’m going to basically create a media server where they can stream some videos that I’m going to download off of YouTube.

I ordered a m.2 SSD hat, So I can avoid drive corruption fully.