Best Linux programs/software for video editing?

I have been making use of GIMP, OpenShot, and OBS but I want some more options. I am starting up a channel as a side hobby to see how things go over on Rumble. I know it is mostly political nonsense on there but from what I have read, their investments are going up and I expect other types of content to start ending up there. I want to make sure my videos are good enough in 2022 but I don’t want to buy expensive software for a hobby project.

What are the best options?

OpenShot is good but I think the best all-around is Kdenlive. It is competitive with even the popular paid options. It has a lot of features that could be useful for you since you are at a beginner level (I am assuming).

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There are so many, it really depends on what you want in particular. I only have experience using OpenShot and Shotcut. If you haven’t checked out Shotcut, give that one a go. It is similar to OpenShot but easier to use in many ways. You might save some time.

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What aspect of video editing do you use GIMP for? I thought that was just like a stripped down variation/alternative to Photoshop. Am I missing something?

I should have specified a bit more. GIMP is primarily used for overlays and graphics. I use it to make custom font as well as watermarks when needed.

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Kdenlive, Shotcut, Lightworks Free, Flowblade, VidCutter and if you can get accustomed to using it, - Blender. Most people default to OpenShot or Kdenlive when it comes to hobby/beginner level editing because they have the basics you need to make a good looking video.

I have heard this is a decent one but the paid version has way more options. I guess it depends on what you want to do with it. Last I remember, they had a watermark for the free version that goes on all the videos. Maybe that was changed? I remember people complaining about it.

I have used a suite called blender. I would have to sincerely say that it is very powerful but it would require some time with trials and errors to understand the software. Not only is it used for editing videos, it can also be used to create 3D animations with ease. I think it is one of the bests.