Beginners help/guide for the terminal?

So I ended up installing Zorin OS. I have it all set up and I have just kind of been looking around. Now I need to figure out how to work the terminal. LOL

Is there a beginner’s guide or some kind of cheat sheet I can reference to learn the terminal code lines?

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Try this article:


The OS doesn’t matter as much when it comes to the terminal. The codes will be slightly different but it mostly functions the same. That being said, I think you have been given two great options. I have shared the guide on Medium with a friend who said it helped a lot. I would make your own cheat sheet off of what the article explains.

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Once you have the basic commands down, it is fairly easy to learn. It is really a commonsense setup. A lot of people get intimidated by it because they are so used to Mac or Windows. I think you have been given some good resources but if you have any more questions, feel free to ask!


This is very true. I’m still very rusty with grep and outputting results :wink: need some practice

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Thanks for the article. It was a helpful start as was the video @penguinpie shared.

I think this will end up being a process. I feel like I will need to just learn the basics and remember them and for everything else, I guess just a quick Google search will suffice for me. It does seem a lot easier than I had originally thought which is good.

One thing that I would add is the importance of backing up important files before making changes in the terminal. Have you had any experiences where you accidentally deleted something important or made a mistake that caused issues? :frowning_face: