Bash script syntax help

If I run this script off the desktop, I get a desktop notification of the IP I’m connected to:

notify-send $(curl

But I can’t figure out how to include this other line to see if my expressvpn is connected (desktop notification):

expressvpn status

It just returns blank, as if the line was isn’t even present.

Also see: GitHub - sttz/expresso: expresso is a command line interface to control the ExpressVPN app

Any ideas?

What if you add ECHO $<your_varible_for_output_here> expressvpn status

Also I’m not sure which Distro you are using but In Debian there’s a program “DocBook” that gives all your documentation a single point of access (a web page) and I downloaded “Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide: An in-depth exploration of the art of shell scripting” and it’s free to download and use. That might be a good thing to get too.


+1 to what @tmick says. Try this:

notify-send "$(curl" "$(expressvpn status)"
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