Back up my files at home and sync remotely

What is your setup or recommended setup?

I’m considering…
this Google Drive and OneDrive on Linux Servers - Insync
or this How to build a Raspberry Pi NAS - Raspberry Pi

I would prefer to use my existing Raspberry Pi and external SSD with Dropbox (or Google Drive).

Nextcloud is an open source option that would work from your Raspberry Pi. It is one of the best open source cloud storage there is. It allows you to connect your SSD to store your files. Stored files can be accessed on Web, clients app on other computers and a mobile app. It is easily configurable to function the way you want it.

I would suggest. make a rad5 backup drive and you can get a low cost one for the same at a higher storage. Format is with fdisk and do a fdisk check up and then mount as ldp and then use as a backup storage. Let me know if you have problems, i will push the code.

alles gut,

If you want to simplify things, you can use rclone. By creating a simple bash file and using crontab, you can synchronize all your data with your local SSH drive and remote drives.

great word and actually, if you use the rclone for the cron then dont just use the cron as the files may vary in the instance and running a terraform or the instance cloud. You can add this code

if [[ $(tail -n 1 file.txt) == $( tail -n file1.txt) ]]

in this way only the new files will be cloned and not the ones wihout the changes. so basically i am taking the file and then reading the last chunk and then comparing it as a string variable.

I use rclone + crontab for backups. Rclone’s “sync” function checks for new and modified files only. It doesn’t sync existing data.

The command I use is like that:

rclone sync /source remote:/destination

The command can be modified with multiple parameters such as --ignore-size, --ignore-times, --ignore-checksum etc.

Here the source