Arch Linux GUI project Controversy

So if you remember, demonkiller killed off the project last July. This was down to infringing the Arch Linux trademark. I guess it is back now and it is being called “Arka Linux”. The trademark policy outlines that this is not allowed but the justification is that the software is opensource and since they are not making money from it, it is fine. xfusion appears to be aware of everything and is talking about transferring it to a “Russian friend” to avoid any legal issues as well as to bypass the trademark agreements. To me, this all sounds juvenile and this group of users is just going to get on Arch’s bad side as well as make a lot of users mad. What are your thoughts on all this?

Yeah, I mean they know what they are doing and just don’t care.

I think for anyone that is part of Arch or a fan of it, they should just distance themselves away from this group. I really can’t see legal action happening but I know it is making a lot of people mad.

I don’t think another distro is needed,there’s upwards of 300 + that I know of as is. Try to make the existing distros better don’t just create a new distro cause you can, that’s just stupid.