App Frozen and Not Responding: Which approach do you use to revive it on Linux without restarting?

Sometimes, one of the things we dread most when working with our computers is an app hanging or being frozen mid way into our work. But they happen regardless. On windows, Linux, Mac and any other operating system, this demon shows it’s ugly face. The end of it all is to Restart most times. But before restarting, are there approaches you try to unfreeze the “Not Responding” app on Linux? Has anyone worked for you?

For me, typing ‘killall -KILL <app_name>’ in the terminal and hitting enter is what I do. Works sometimes. Others use the command line to kill the app and they say it works for them. Which oned have you tried to unfreeze “Not Responding” apps. Which helped and which didn’t?

When I encounter a situation like this, I use Alt+F2 > “skill”> click the frozen window to attempt graphical termination.

Alternatively, I use use gnome-system-monitor. With it, I easily kill any process I want to by right clicking it.

Indeed, encountering a frozen application is a universal annoyance. The killall -KILL <app_name> approach is effective, as it forcefully terminates the specified application.

Another method you might find useful is using the xkill command. Simply type xkill in the terminal, then click on the frozen application window to terminate it. This method is particularly handy for those who prefer a more visual approach to solving the issue.

Additionally, the System Monitor (akin to Task Manager on Windows) can be used to end processes through a GUI, offering a balance between ease of use and control.
Have you had the chance to try these alternatives?