Anyone tried helium yet?

I’m sure I’m a bit late, but I found the Helium network ( last week. I have not even signed up. Kinda lost honestly. So I’m not trying to sell anything lol.

The Helium network as far as I’ve been able to discern is powered by the Helium blockchain and allows anyone to earn a new cryptocurrency, HNT, by building out a massive decentralized wireless network mostly for Internet of Things devices.

You can buy “miners” that are small boxes that connect the LoRA network to your regular home broadband network and you get paid for that because you’re adding to the “helium network” (LORA and 5G)

Is anyone here a part of this network? Feedback? Advice/tips?

I just got on board to the helium train. The payout rate has dropped 90%. From last year.
They keep introducing new HIP which screw the chain. A

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Cool. What hardware did you end up buying? I looked into it but the population of my area isn’t enough.

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Bobcat. It works great. I made about 3-4$ a day.

A lot of the cool hardware are back ordered or oos:

Interesting. Any competitors to Helium? Or similar. Maybe with a lower entry cost? :relieved:

Helium Light miners are coming out soon. Price should be $150-200. But I bet scalpers will steal everything and sell them for $500.

Way to expensive for the 5G.