Anyone else remember Monkey Island?

Pinch me. It’s Ron Gilbert’s Monkey Island 3. Also, read here. For the sake of nostalgia and retro gaming, I hope it’s a pixel art game.


I played the OG ones. I haven’t played any of the newer remakes. I was not interested. If this one is done right, I might have to get it. It needs to be a pixel style game though.

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I must have missed this!

Had no idea a new one was coming out this year. I have massive doubt it will be as good as the older games, they seldom are these days but I am going to check it out when it comes out.

I have never played the game but a lot of people I talk to online (friends on other forums) were super excited about the game. I am tempted to play one of the older ones and see if I like it. Any recommendations?

Looking forward to a nostalgic return to Monkey Island in Return to Monkey Island :smiley: :monkey:
Will be playing soon-ish.

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I completely forgot about this! It came out on Sept 19th. I had it on my Steam wish list and all. I wonder why I didn’t get an e-mail notification for it. Maybe I overlooked it.

Have you played it yet @hydn ?

A friend of mine gifted the game to me through Steam and I did play it.

It was fun but not as good as the original games from back in the day. Maybe I am just a stickler for classic gaming. I have a hard time finding anything I like these days. I tend to revert back to old games.

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Very much for me too :joy:
I love the old Monkey Island games, and can still feel the soreness in my thumnbs from MegaMan Nintendo controller use for hours! My cousin and I would take turns playing the levels or sections we each were good at :-).

I’m trying to expand my game-playing, but find myself still pulled back to RPG/Story-driven type games.
Have you played SABLE or Paradise Killer?

Just started playing - So happy to hear Guybrush (Dominic Armato) again. My kids (8 and 10) first foray into point-n-click goodness, so that has added much to my enjoyment. Honestly very much enjoying them having fun almost more than I enjoy playing it myself.