Any Solus users?

I was looking around and I am very interested in Solus after reading about it and watching some videos on YouTube.

The Budgie desktop is very nice but I’m holding off until the move from GTK to EFL.
What’s your experience with it? How is eopkg? Any issues with stability?

Is Solus a newer distro?

I didn’t see many people talking about it when looking for recommendations. I did look into it a bit but it seems like it is hardly recommended for people new to Linux so I moved on. It looks nice though!

I have. Its a fairly young distro. But its nice to see a new distro that is built from scratch. I have not heard anything bad about it. Its on my list of best Linux distros.

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I would guess this was a passion project being that it was built from scratch. I have tried it but I didn’t stick with it. I am going to keep an eye on it though. I can see it becoming a big deal in a few years with the right people working on it.

Up until now, the EFL transition is still ongoing. As for eopkg, my take is that it is generally stable. But I always think that the small size of it’s package base can cause compatibility issues with some software.