Any experience with building your own Linux distro?

I am not sure if anyone here would know about building your own Linux distro. What would someone need to get started on a project like this?

A great place to start would be and Linux From Scratch

It’s worth it to help expand your experience and familiarity with Linux. That said, I’ve not done it. :joy:

The closest has been Arch Linux.


I was going to kick over the same site, :+1: good stuff over there.

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The most I have done was fully customize an already existing one which is not the same thing. There are videos on YouTube that explain the process from different perspectives, this is one approach:

I would love to one day give this a go myself.

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I have heard of this site but had completely forgotten about it. Duh! haha I feel so stupid.

Thanks for the link. Going to check this out tonight.

When i have much time,i will try LFS(linux from scratch) but i would also need a plan for HOW i want it to be,no need to invent the wheel if it already exists:)

But as a learning experience and to create something new that would be a time-consuming yet cool experiment👍

If anyone has tried it:
Feel free to give some pointers or advice:)


I feel like installing Arch Linux (the traditional method) and setting up your system from the command line is close enough to scratch for most of us. :grinning:

That is actually true!:grin: that might do!
I just have the dream about building a 100% distro from scratch that is “perfect” for my usage,i kinda like arch though so maybe i could save some time to build it your way :wink:

If I can manage to get something going, I will post about it here. I think you are right though. It will be fairly time-consuming but it can be fun!

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