ANAME Connections

Does anyone know how to connect a constantly changing DHCP to a domain via ANAME? It’s for future knowledge. My ISP uses DHCP and it’s really, really annoying, even on uPnP.

This would be greatly helpful, cheers from the UK :smiley:

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Hi @NothingConspicous

Can you try Let us know if you are able to solve.

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@NothingConspicous Did you ever try Dynu? Or found another solution?

I’ve not had time yet to try. I’ve been on haitus.

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I’ve been using Cloudflare Zero Trust for a while, and it solves most of my problems. It is free and integrated with the Cloudflare DNS feature. You can take a look at it if you want:


You know I have not been using this (will give it a try). I do use Cloudflare and I remember when the Zero Trust announcement was made but have not given it a try. Have you used Tailscale or Zerotier?

I have previously used Tailscale, but I find Cloudflare easier to use. The main reason for this is:

  • All my domains are located on Cloudflare, and it is easy to use a domain to find the IP address even if the IP address is dynamic.

  • Additionally, Cloudflare’s API can be used on Docker, which is great because I generally use Docker, and this integration makes things easier for me.

  • One of the best features of Cloudflare is that I can connect any of my SSO applications directly to Cloudflare Zero Trust, such as Keycloak, Authelia, or Authentic.

If you are currently using Cloudflare, I suggest taking a look at Zero Trust. I’m sure you can find really useful features.