Amazon Dad's Day, Upcoming Prime Day deals

These good deals always come round when I don’t have the money! Today I found a TP-Link 5 port gig switch for $16 and a mini pc (2.9Mhz Celeron, 8GB/256GB SSD) with Win11 Pro for $220. Are there any retailers who come close to this on similar products?

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What kind of mini PC? I bought the MeLe Quieter2 a while ago and it’s great! Sold my RPI4 afterwards.

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It’s the Beelink U59 Mini PC. Looks pretty good and has high ratings:

It’s normally $270.
That MeLe is at a good price as well. I thought about adding another 8GB of ram and an SSD to my old Dell but that would be (with the necessary drive sled) only about $100 or so less than one of these minis! I only wish I could grab an M1 Mac Mini for that price. Or even twice that price.