Alexa browser plugin alternatives?

Are there any Alexa browser plugin alternatives? One that provides a general traffic ranking?
I’m not trying to lose weight, its just a random screenshot I found :grinning:

I know it was not super accurate but it gave a nice general idea of traffic/activity for sites I visit which I found useful.

The reason I ask is…

End of Service Notice

We retired on May 1, 2022, after more than two decades of helping you find, reach, and convert your digital audience. Thank you for making us your go-to resource for content research, competitive analysis, keyword research, and so much more.

I didn’t know anyone even still used Alexa.

Off the top of my head, Semrush is a decent option. I think it gives you more features in comparison but I believe you have to pay a premium for it. From what I remember, extra features bring the cost up more.

SpyFu is a bit more limited but has a free plan. Their paid plan is much cheaper if you want something that won’t hurt your wallet as much.

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I didn’t know Alexa was being sunset. Wow!

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The extension was really fast as a basic measure of if the website you visit had activity or not. Sometimes useful in decision making on site interaction.

Found this extension:

But you have to click each time to see. Will make do with it.

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Alexa is probably too outdated and no one wants to keep working on it anymore. Maybe this is an opportunity for someone else to recreate it. Most people I know that have used it stopped several years back now for more modernized options.

Alexa also suffered some outages and other issues. This article gives some indication that users may have already been switching to similarweb. Maybe Amazon will acquire them also. lol (hope not!)

You guys can try Blexb, a really great SEO tool as alexa alternatives. And, it’s totally free.
Also, you can download it’s extension here:

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Welcome @davidmoten12 thanks for taking the time to share this. Much appreciated.

Thank you, you are so nice. :grinning:

Silimarweb is great. But you are looking for the best alexa alternative, Blexb-alexa alternative is your best choice, which has similar functions to Alexa, offering you millions of website information, the 100 most visted website and website traffic, rank and other similar websites. It is nice.

@davidmoten12 Thanks! is it! Will watch this space.

@Winnie_Smith . Welcome to our community. Are you affiliated with Blexb by any chance? I saw your review on their browser extension.

Where can I read more about how they collect stats and from what source(s)?