AI Regulation: AI to Regulate Itself!

Originally published at: AI Regulation: AI to Regulate Itself!

Believe it or not, in a few years, AI will be regulated by AI. This may sound outlandish, but AI regulation requires a volume of oversight that realistically only AI-driven technology could adequately handle the detection, reporting, and enforcement. The journey of AI, from its conceptual roots to its present omnipresence, has been nothing short…

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Definitely agree. Recently, I updated my smart home system making voice recognition much more accurate so cool!

Has anyone seen ?

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I’m afraid I’m troubled by this phrase ‘AI self-regulation’. I’m sure no AI system is regulating itself exactly - such an actuality sounds contorted.

Rather, and as you’ve variously expressed, one AI system would be regulated by another and conflating these as thoroughly as you seem to have done, is unwise, if I may suggest.

Self-regulation is a negative phrase (c.f. banking); a poor version of proper regulation and in my opinion should not be popularised with respect to AI, when it does not apply. It can only lead to corruption of the public impression of its use (cf. CoViD-19) via headline writers re-iterating such a phrase coming from careless tech authors.

Does that sound fair?

I appreciate your insights. It’s important to clarify that when I referred to ‘AI self-regulation,’ I meant that AI systems would play a role in regulating themselves, not in isolation but as part of a broader regulatory framework involving multiple AI systems.

I understand your concerns about the term “AI self-regulation” having potentially negative connotations, and I’ll make sure to be more precise in my future articles to avoid any confusion. Thank you for your thoughtful input.

So yes, in the future, AI (AI systems) will be used to regulate other AI (other AI systems).