AI and Chatbots: The Role of Linux in their Growth

Originally published at: AI and Chatbots: The Role of Linux in their Growth

Linux is an open-source operating system that has become one of the most popular choices for developers and businesses alike. Its flexibility, security, and reliability have made it a preferred option for many organizations, including those that are exploring the potential of artificial intelligence and chatbots. In this article, we will discuss how AI and…

Other operating systems encounter dependency and driver issues particularly on Windows Server.

And due to scaling problems and limited remote access tools because of being GUI heavy - Windows is often avoided on large cloud nodes.

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So is there and AI that can be used by an end user if they wanted to use it for … Job Hunting or something like that? Microsoft & AI may own LinkedIn but I can guarantee it was not an improvement. If anything the site isn’t worth the money anymore . The search results are wrong the user isn’t able to filter out unwanted things anymore and the list goes on. Chatbots I ignore because they are mostly useless unless it’s a simple question like “What kind of animal is a squirrel ?” The worst thing about AI is it’s starting to get used for Telmarketing, but it isn’t getting programmed to add you to the do not call list yet. So yeah, I’m not loving AI just yet.

I’ve been using chatgpt for things like, for example just yesterday:

Find conflicting CSS on a webpage. And providing me instructions to fix. (since I have very little design/CSS experience) Useful because it always also explains why.

Personally I’ve been using it in a ton of different ways. Some I will blog about soon. Many of which are mind-blowing.

Chatbots save a ton of time and give one the ability to blast through complex tasks that would usually take hours - in a few seconds.

So I found this on LinkedIn ChatGPT Zero
Turns out a kid (to me) at Princeton found away to fight against ChatGPT and AI in general. the article has some valid points.

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Thanks for sharing. I had read about that, but this post was more informative. I like the first comment at the end of that Linkedin post.

There will be varied viewpoints, and so hopefully, it helps strike a balance. These types of efforts, advancements, and “individual breakthroughs” from all viewpoints will hopefully help shape a balanced future for AI and AI chatbots.

Here’s another tool (from the other side) that has directly gained tons of users due to ChatGPT’s popularity:

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Malware bytes just made my day!!
They tried using chat APT to create ransom ware and it sucked at it (apparently the “C” programming language is too hard for it, WHOO HOO! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:) They decided the only people that actually would try it are script kiddies, other than that it’s too much of a pain in the… yeah, to get it to do it. It’s also apparent that ChatGPT needs some additional safeguards in place (the term used was “porous security”, but at least it wasn’t compared to American Swiss cheese, so that’s a plus?) Anyway for the record I’m happy to know AI Sucks at complex programming languages like “C” so hopefully “C++” is out of it’s reach even if you could get past it’s “Safety Protocols” that is supposed to block you from writing Malicious code. Which apparently just takes some social engineering skills, and maybe some wordsmithing. If you want to read what’s got me so blessed happy here’s the article:


Its because of this and others who are wasting time and server resources on ChatGPT that I had upgrade to plus. :grin:

Meanwhile, as far as productivity goes,I share this guy’s experience:

If I had to hire 1 person to perform all the work and complex tasks I’ve been able to get done in the past month it would be impossible for one person to be so versatile. Would definitely be multiple hires. Would probably take months to find them.

Also found this cool:

Exciting times!
My chat history is over 300 chats and counting just trying to master getting the best out of this amazing technology. :sunglasses:

Now the be my eyes thing is cool. As someone who falls into the low vision category they need to get it done it sounds useful.

I am so happy I can read fast because I’m playing catchup after being offline for so long lmao. Interesting post but (Responding to @tmick 's comment) most ransomware can be made using python in actuality. C may be too hard, But DAN + Python might be a completely different story.

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I just read about Anthropics’ ambitious plan to challenge OpenAI’s dominance in AI research and development over the next 4 years. Exciting times ahead for the AI industry!:


It’s becoming clear that with Chatbots and AI the way to monetize it to make the business pay for access/requests to API. Unlike most of the web, which tries to monetize the end users with intrusive ads or subscriptions to things like useless checkmarks. :ballot_box_with_check:

This article touches on this:

Since the release of OpenAI’s API this has opened the floodgates for startups who pay for access to the OpenAI via API.

With Google search these days, the top 5+ results are often sponsored.

How unintrusive OpenAI, plus current and future competition, can make monetization of their services, may indeed mark a new era in how we, the end users, use the web!

With end users soo sick and tired of pop-ups, display ads, and other traditional forms of advertising (to the point of ad blockers, etc), it will possibly force Chatbots and other AI startups to find less intrusive and more effective monetization methods out of the gate.

Looking forward to seeing this unfold.

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Adding this article I wrote last week to this discussion thread as well, mainly for those who are not so believing or rather skeptical about AI and Chatbots. But also for those, like me, who saw this evolution of AI coming and have been making daily use of it:

Those of us old enough have witnessed the rise of phones, PCs, the internet, cellphones, smartphones and now AI. The internet and AI have a lot in common, in that AI will become the backbone of technology within a handful of years.

2024 will be a pivotal year in human history! :popcorn:

Linux is like a workbench that provides the base for AI models to run. With it’s stable servers, AI models and chat bots have a stable platform from which they can be developed, streamlined and run. Add that to the number of tools available in Linux that can help the development of chat bots, it would be safe to say that Linux would be the future of the development of chat bots.