Adam 2022 (Netflix movie)

Has anyone seen Adam on Netflix yet? Planning to watch it this weekend. Right up my fav’ sci-fi alley. :slight_smile:

Do you mean “The Adam Project”?

I have not watched it. I heard mixed things. Some people have said it was great, others say that it felt rushed and there were too many plot holes to take it seriously. It seems to only get a 6.8 on IMDb as well. I tend not to watch anything below a 7.5 myself.

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I enjoyed it. The actor chemistry really drives it, while the plot and “science” are varying levels of cheesy.

My kids liked it and I suggest it’s a fun movie to take in a light way. The science around the plot-driving and technology is very rule-of-cool. The audio in explosions vs dialogue is better than I often see. Have fun with it!

Watched it.
Not perfect. But a good movie to enjoy.