50 Top Observability and Monitoring Solutions - 2024

Originally published at: 50 Top Observability and Monitoring Solutions - 2024

“A more targeted list that includes 50 server and observability solutions for 2024” Back in 2014, I compiled a list of top server and application performance monitoring solutions. Sharing that list publicly was a great way to gain feedback and recommendations on other tools available. Over time that list grew from 20 to over 100 server monitoring…

It is crazy how many different tech companies there are who do the same or similar services/tasks.

This is a great list. I appreciate you including the cost and if they have a trial. Makes it easier to sort through them and see if any of these services can work for me without having to guess the price.

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It’s pretty helpful that most of these types of services offer free trials and many offer base free-for-life plans.

I’ve used a few of these within my working profession, so I’m familiar with them.
I have to say that DynaTrace is my favorite. It can hook into all sorts of .net apps, ingress logs from event viewer, etc. It’s AI technology is very good at painting a picture of the infrastructure, quite scary if you ask me, but amazing.

I personally use grafana influx database Prometheus telegraf for my homelab to monitor containers, server resources, uptime, etc. I love GRAFANA!! :heart:

For my server and container logs I use a mix between elastic and Loki.