5 Network Devices for work-from-home and Small Business

Originally published at: 5 Network Devices for work-from-home and Small Business

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a mass migration from the work office to the home office. This continues to increase the requirements for better home network security, capacity, and additional capabilities. Small business and work-from-home networks must be more performant, reliable, accountable, and easier to manage. As such, network devices designed for consumers…

Have you used the Netgear Nighthawk M1? I was going to get one but I read/heard mixed things about it. Some people say it is amazing and other people say you can get better for less.

Yea I’ve tried all the devices listed. I use the 4G modem because we live in the tropics sometimes the weather requites having mobile 4G internet as a backup. Works really well, especially with external antenna attached.

How did you like the gli Brume? That’s my existing setup at the moment. I really enjoy the router. Amazon was having a stellar deal on it a few months ago and I bought it.


Very nice suggestions, thank you for the overview. The distinct pros and cons between the different network devices you reviewed here are interesting, e.g. how some devices (such as the Brume) lack support for IPv6, or how others provide limited documentation and/or support.

The Netgate SG-1100 seems to have some especially neat features to utilize and integrate, especially if auditing, threat protection and overall network defenses are on your “to-have” list.


I saw one of those deals so I have the Brume for home/office and got a Slate for I think 50$. Have 4 of them in total now.

I use them with wireguard a lot. Setup one for my sister and another for our doctor. They never drop connections. Both are set up to send me an email if offline via their cloud monitoring service. Can be managed remotely and runs openwrt. Love them!


If you can find one in stock, the EdgeRouter x is also of great value!

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Nice list of devices/vendors. I would add Unifi Dream Machine to the list, IDS/IPS is available, as well as traffic limiting for groups or single devices.

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