25 Best CDN Providers 2024

Originally published at: 25 Best CDN Providers 2024

A content delivery network, also referred to as a content distribution network (CDN), is a geographically distributed network of data centers containing proxy servers. CDN providers serve internet content, including web objects (text, graphics, and scripts), downloadable objects (media files, software, documents), applications (e-commerce, portals), live-streaming media, to name closer to and thus faster, to end-users. Some of the…


I have been a longtime user and fan of BunnyCDN because the pricing is really good but also the speeds are fast. They also have great features. Really, nothing not to like. I am not surprised at all that you use it for your blog.

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Great list. It is crazy how many options there are these days but you really narrowed it down to the best I would say. I have to agree with @glitch with BunnyCDN - I have tried a few others but I have come back to them time and time again.

Cloudflare FTW! lol

This is a good list though. You actually managed to put all my top choices in the top 5, minus Google. For whatever reason, I was not able to get reliable speeds with them.

This reminds me, “play with a CDN” has been on my todo list, and I really need to get it done! Thanks for the reminder.

I’ve been using bunny for several years. I find the performance to cost ratio to be really great.

I still use Cloudflare also, I was one of the early private testers of CF, nothing really matches their feature set and hunger to be the first to make new performant technologies and optimizations stable. Namely Argo, QUIC/http3, polish, rocket, etc.

So using both together - Cloudflare at the front serving bunnycdn’s cached files. So a custom edge cache that is very flexible because of page rules and many other features and technology of CF. While Bunny only caches statics on both blog and forums and they are fast!

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The list is very useful. Do you have the CDN list for the Best Choice to Certain / Specific country publishing at your blog?

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Hi @JC_Hui

Not on the blog. But, you can find that info using: https://www.cdnperf.com/ (linked to within the article)

I looked at the links for the list of 4 free CDNs. The first didn’t take us anywhere near the CDN service description, and the second didn’t show us the free deal, while the last 2 showed costs for overuse.

I suspect that using jsdelivr might be the only straightforward way - requiring no account setup or registration of payment details, to get free CDN use. Would that be true?

jsdelivr can be used to serve content from your own GitHub and has no commercial restrictions, as far as I can tell. A simple example of this:


Note: This could be abbreviated by removing @main if your main branch is called @master. GitHub changed its default from the latter to the former, for cultural sensitivity reasons, but jsdelivr is yet to catch up with this change.

I think this is a great free option if you want to bring your own media in to a project at your free CodePen etc. which would be apt to users of online courses on front-end web development, if not your target readership.

That said, I expect there may be a price to pay perhaps in terms of performance? After all, you’re asking one site to get you data from another, if not decode it too. Such detail would be of great interest, I’m sure.

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Hi @AnthonyRKing Thanks for your insights! Yes, jsDelivr is a straightforward, free CDN option, especially for GitHub-hosted content.

What do you think about Gcore’s free forever CDN plan? If this is for personal use, it may be a viable option until more traffic is needed.