What level of programming is needed to work as a dev?

Hello guys!

Sorry for my absense lately,been busy with renovations @home😊

I have recently starting “the odin project” and have always been facinated by programming and to be able to build stuff,so i want to get into the field somehow,i just feel kinda lost with what to choose…

I have ok knowledge in python(intermediate?)
,html, a little javascript and java( not much) so i wanted to know if someone has done the switch from say “non-programmer” to “programmer or front/back- end dev” that wanted to share some knowledge?

My dream is:
Work from home or remote,build apps,games or something that requires some brainpower and that might help people to be more productive or just overall “make something exciting” :grin:

Some years ago i didnt even understand what i saw on screen,but now it’s like a lamp turned on!

What path should i take or simply put: what language might open up doors for me?

And when are you good enough to actually “dare” to apply for a job?:sweat_smile:

I have been into some ethical hacking,and wanted to create my own stuff,however now i’m more off the cybersecurity and just want to build “regular” useful stuff that can make a difference i guess😁

It depends on where you want to work and whom you want to work for.
Some places will require you to have degrees and licenses proving you know what you know.

Since you intend on working remotely and by yourself, I would imagine this depends on what you are aiming to develop. If you only use the skillset you have, you will be limited so it is best to mix in some new things along the way.

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If I understood object-oriented programming, and if I had an idea for an app, I would be writing iOS apps on the side. If you get OOP, then you might want to consider that.

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Also, Ruby / Ruby on rails has been growing in popularity.

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