Trust Level 3 - Stacklinux email & hosting

Please note that the Trust Level 3 requirements have been regressed to their defaults. Please view the default requirements for all trust levels.

In the future, Trust Level 4 members (Leaders) and also Moderations will be selected from the Trust Level 3 group members.

Starting next month, members who reach Trust Level 3 status will receive a complimentary email address with the domain You may use this email exclusively for forum communication, signing up for various online services, as your primary email, or for any ethical purpose of your choosing. The email address will be yours forever, regardless of future forum activity.

Lastly, Trust Level 3 members get massive discounts off of all hosting on For example:


  • x6 3.9GHz cores - always set to MAX clock speed (not by demand).
  • 3GB RAM
  • 25GB NVMe backed SSD storage
  • Usual price: $35.00/month
  • TL3 members’s price: $25.00/month

*all StackLinux cloud servers are custom configured from the kernel up.
*The pricing (discount) renews every 12 months based on member group status).
*These cloud servers and their raid 10 backed storage are CRAZY fast!.