Python templating for users without stack implementation

I think the users leaderboard should be based on the templating and wrote a code towards it that might help: I dont want to implement the stacks so i am using a json_normalize in this code, some more to add such as dictionary initalize as user.get(0) in case not present but if everyone agrees then will code that up.

def communityProfile(identity):
    python templating for creating a 
    leaderboard without implementing 
    the stacks
    import pandas as pd
    userslist = "loginAPI"
    users = [i for i in range(len(userlist))]
    leaderboard = {}
    shebang = [f"#!/usr/bin/{i}" for i in ["linux", "python", "bash", "scala", "rust", "networking"]]
    read_json = [pd.json_normalize(users[i]) for i in range(len(users))]
    for i in range(len(shebang)):
        if shebang[i] in read_json:
            leaderboard[user[i]] +=1
            print("user has made no addition toward the leaderboard")

alles gute,