Orange Suffers Cyber Attack Affecting Client’s Internet Access in Spain

According to Reuters, an unknown number of customers were unable to access specific websites due to a cyber attack. A spokeswoman for the Orange firm stated that this happened on Wednesday and that it targeted the Spanish branch of telecom giant Orange (ORAN.PA).

Orange, the second-biggest telecom provider in Spain, neutralized the illegal access to its IP network coordination centre, according to a representative. The compromise was largely resolved.

The French corporation stated in a message on social networking site X that there was no compromise of their client’s data.

In this regard, do you think that the client’s information is safe, and if not, what are some of the implications that can come as a result of this?

Source of information at Reuters here.

They have many copies means your data is for example on Netherlands server and same time do copy on US Server. Add to that, there is a copy in Canada server. So if the attack is concerning Spain server then they recover data from other servers. They have money to invest to same data accross many servers.

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