Linux Server Benchmark scripts

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Can I ask for some scripts and examples of commands to test NVME disk in real-life-scenarios?

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Hi Adrian, welcome to the community! In addition to the benchmark scripts that are listed at the top of the linked page above; you can use dd for R/W tests. The list of commands to use is on this page.

(I used the ‘fdatasync’ flag with dd as it’s likely the closest behavior to the real-world tasks, for dd).

You can also use hdparm. Something like sudo hdparm -tT /dev/nvme0n1:
Use lsblk -t or fdisk -l for a list of your disks and partitions

dd requires mounted partitions for the test, while hdparm does not.

For a closer real-world performance of your NVMe, use bonnie++ or similar tools.

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