High performance computing or the instance module check on the load cluster

a general purpose utility to check the available modules from the circard servers and will provide support as you dont have to load the modules and then go through the list. It directly reads the bin files from the agi_bin files and then iterates over an indexed array stores them as memory and outputs the results by a operator comparison. To make it easier a brace expansion of the {a…z} so that you dont have to call each letter iteratively.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# -*- coding:  utf-8 -*-
# Universität Potsdam, Germany
# Author: Gaurav Sablok
# date: 2024-2-12
# using a iterative storage indexed array for the faster iterations
echo "i am your module checker"
echo "i am reading the files from the nfs partition"
echo "the partitition is located at /nfs/work/agap_id-bin/modulefiles/ "
echo "executing the available module check list"
module load bioinfo-cirad
module load bioinfo-ifb
echo "for i in {a..z} \ 
        do cat file_modules.bioinfo-cirad.txt \
             | cut -f 12 -d " " | grep ^$i; \
read -r -p "please enter the module name:" module
for i in $(for i in {a..z}; do cat file_modules.bioinfo-cirad.txt | cut -f 12 -d " " | grep ^$i; done);
        if [[ $i == "${module}" ]]
             echo "the module is present"