Google's Graveyard

Came across this just now, found it amusing and eye-opening so thought I would share:

Wow, that’s a long list.

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Is it bad that I haven’t heard of a lot of these? I mean, I know the big ones but what the heck is YouTube Go? I don’t even remember hearing about that, not even once! I also didn’t know Timely was Google’s. I used that back when it was new.

Wow… I would imagine Google bought a lot of these. It seems like that is basically all Google is anymore. Just a company that buys up tons of smaller ones. Since they bought YouTube, they have become what Amazon is to the market but on the internet space as a whole.

I find that Google does what Microsoft does. They buy programs, apps, software, etc. at the peak where everyone is enjoying it or at least a good amount of people are - and they ruin it. I never understood the approach of taking something that is working and breaking it, thinking you can fix it to make it work even better.

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