Finding Linux Compatible Printers

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If you are looking for Linux compatible printers, in this article, you will find printers that seamlessly integrate with Linux operating systems. We’ll explore a selection of high-quality printers from various brands, along with valuable resources, to ensure a smooth printing experience on Linux. I’ll keep working on repairing broken links leading to printer manufacturers’…

I have been wanting to get a printer. I don’t use it often but when I need it, it sucks having to ask someone if I can print something. So the HP DeskJet 2755 is the cheapest option that runs on Linux? Would you happen to know how much the ink costs?

I need to update that article. Printing has improved for Linux, as well as the hardware options. I’ve added it to my to-do list.

Great work on the article.

For basic printing, I used the cups method as well.

I set up my raspberry pi as a printer server in the early 2015 years. Didn’t have to many issues with the printer we had.


Unfortunately, the Cannon Pixma MG 3620 has lots of issues. Constant errors.

Discussion here - Pixma MG3620 - Printer often ejects a blank page w... - Canon Community

Any advice is appreciated, btw. It’s too late for me to return the printer, so I’m leaning toward donating it and trying another one if I can’t make it work.


Hi @noconfirmationemail

Thanks for taking the time to share this feedback. Welcome to our community.

I’ve updated the post and removed the Canon 3620.

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I’ve had success with Epson WF-3720 & XP-4100 as well as Brother HL-L2380DW on my networks with Linux Mint, Arch Linux, and Garuda Linux as well as Apple. Surprised no Epson’s in your list!

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Welcome to the forums. I believe we had Epson and it was removed. Will add your suggestions. thanks!

Does Linux Mint 19.3 support a HP Lazer 150nw ?

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Yes you can download the software for it here:

It seems the norm though but every Linux user that I have met have had to battle out printer driver issues on their Linux. I have personally been there. It seems that certain printers are just compatible with some specific distros. If it is not a perfect fit, one might just be manipulating ink cartridges all day long and still be getting cryptic error messages.

So today, let’s delve into printers and distros compatibility. Which printer model are you using and which distro fits it well? Did you have trouble finding the perfect distro for your printer? Is there any special tip to know the compatibility between distro and printer model before purchase?

Also, for reference, check this article:

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So, it’s been a while. The world has changed a lot since I last posted on this thread, especially for those of us who lived in Ukraine.

But I’m still printing. I wanted to share that I’ve had great success with the BROTHER printer - MFC-J1170DW

It pretty much worked out of the box. It’s the best linux-printer experience I’ve had.


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