Enhance your github account

If you want to make it professional and i do this once a month after learning a new language and putting the code in the same as without showing it is just words and you can actually say much about it. I believe in visual and what is in front and that i can see, so here is something for you all.

make an great profile at: https://github-profile-maker.vercel.app/ and https://www.profileme.dev/

alles gute,


Most of us have already a github account means your tutorial may not work for old account github owner. Especially, you are using this account on platforms of working online to demonstrate your work. So does this vercel project works to with already existing account? Because it needs a century to update platforms with your new records or clients. Your clarification is appreciable.

This works with everything means any github account. try and give it a go and you can see the results.

allles gute,