Additional bash aliases that are commonly added

I was wondering if there was a common bash alias addon that Linux users commonly utilize?

I found this on git, but I was wondering if there’s something a little more formal, that’s common/mainstream among other Linux users.

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Funny that people alias “clear” – I always thought it was just ctrl-L … :smiley:

To be fair, I did alias “cls” to “clear” way back in the day, when I first switched from DOS.

Also, isn’t “exit” just “ctrl-D”? :smiley:

The first 4 under “system state” are not ones that I ever alias. In fact, I never “sudo” those commands – I always sudo to a root shell and then run the command. Reason: I often use ! for command replay, and I specifically do not want a poweroff/reboot/halt/shutdown in my command history.

Funny that he aliases “myip” – a while back I wrote a portable script that determines a system’s primary IP address (among other things), no matter how many addresses are on the system, and it works on BSD, Linux, and macOS.

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