I3 & XFCE question

Big improvement. The icons sizing etc., are a massive improvement. Without all the candy bars top and bottom it looks like a workspace. I would use this for sure, barring the fact that Gnome 2 is soo legacy. :cold_face: jk

Now it’s time to switch to vi or even vim. :wink:

speaking of legacy, where do you change the screen lock at ? :upside_down_face:

Nano is more better :nerd_face:

Speaking of Legacy Hayden, how do you change the lock screen timeouts:)
PS nano is better :-P

Lol. I am a nano fan too. Vim and vi … Whew … Nano all the way. That’s always on the list of first programs to install.

I haven’t played around with the lock timeouts as yet. Right now Mate is still controlling my lock, so I would have to look for it under the Mate settings.

The lock timeouts are in ScreenSaver Preferences.

Hope this is what you are looking for.

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Apparently I just needed to go in there and re-save the settings?

It quit locking the screen after 5 minutes at least :smile:

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Lock screen. Hmm good question. For gnome 3 it’s gdm. Not sure if that package is used with mate?

Lol at you both. As far as DEs vs WMs. Nano would be the DE and vi the i3 in the conversation.

vi/m may seem a bit awkward at first but its more superior and faster to use once you master the keyboard shortcuts. :slight_smile:

Well it (MATE) uses light DM and i3 uses it’s own (as per the video you posted) but apparently i3 will use MATE’s so that little thing is fixed.

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So emacs is the proverbial fat girl? jeez your picky :joy:

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Love emacs! lol

We are spoilt with options.

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Good Evening,

I was trying to easily set my background with my Mate + I3 setup, using the MATE->Appearance->Background settings. However, this fails as soon as you remove all Mate panels by deleting panel from the org.mate.session.required-components-list.

I thought it interesting how I approached this project from the thought of getting desktop functionality into a tiling window manager. However, tmick was looking at getting a tiling window manager into a desktop. Hence as Hayden mentioned, we can receive different results even though both are Mate + I3.

Therefore, I surrendered and decided to use Nitrogen to set my wallpaper. Then I added a little bling with picom, so that my Mate Terminal is now transparent, and my i3bar is also transparent.

This is the result across my 3 monitor system.


Love this! :sunglasses: Now why do you need three monitors? :slight_smile:

If not too much to ask; tell us a bit more about your workflow.

I’m using one but I have used 2 before. I can see the benefit of 2 monitors but other than gaming, I guess only specific tasks/work will benefit from 3?

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I heard about a thing called hyprland. Anyone know much about this project?

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Never heard of it and it isn’t in the Debian repos

Looks good, how’d you get the borders on the terminals?

@NothingConspicous Hyperland is pretty amazing:

Well I only need 2 really. The 3rd monitor I call my entertainment monitor, because it’s actually an old 32 inch LCD TV. Text on it is not great, but YouTube videos play excellent.

The middle screen is my main monitor. I have configuration terminals in one workspace, then remote work apps in another workspace. Google chrome is in its own workspace as this is mainly used for note taking.

The second monitor on the right is my browser monitor, I have settled with Firefox. I have two Firefox profiles. One personal and one work. So Personal Firefox in one workspace and Work Firefox in another 2 workspaces.

I have 10 workspaces so far. 7 in use, 3 for spare if I need to spread some information.

First time I have actually described my workflow. :smile:

Hope I did it right.

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Well it’s not really borders. It’s i3gaps. What you are seeing is the background between the terminal, which is the default Mate Terminal.

I tried Alacrity before, which is really good. I was using it with fish. But I must admit Mate Terminal with bash is giving me what I want. I may still try and add fish later.

I came across hyprland when I was searching for the next DE + TWM to install. I agree with @hydn , it looks really good. I love the bling. But I am afraid of Wayland for now.