Must-Have Devices to boost your Linux skills

Originally published at: Must-Have Devices to boost your Linux skills

Are you ready for a transformative journey that will elevate your Linux skills in ways theoretical learning alone can’t? The devices mentioned in this article offer a great way to get hands-on experience and change how you understand and use Linux skills in practical, everyday scenarios.   3 Linux Devices for Hands-On Learning Boosting your…

I would also like to suggest the EdgeRouter X SFP, it’s cheaper than all the above options on Amazon if you have Prime.

Its EdgeOS that it runs is based on Debian Linux. So you can log in via CLI and practice Linux commands, but most importantly, it can be configured for connecting multiple devices. These days, 5 to 8 port switches cost as little as $20!

In any case, it’s another option. Even cheaper is the ER-X:

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