Choosing a Linux Terminal Emulators - Discussion and List

I can also recommend Cmder Console Emulator for Windows users who want the same experience as Linux. You can use most Linux shell commands like ls and pwd with that emulator on Windows.

Truth be told, I cannot use Windows terminal or Powershell after discovering this emulator.

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Just I want to ask you something. Does this Cmder Console Emulator replaces the sub system Ubuntu on Windows fully or doesn’t relate? Because this doesn’t work for all Windows releases and therefore you are obliged to go for dual boot option if this doesn’t work? Or it is just an emulator like Windows Powershell and doesn’t refer to the point that I have mentionned? Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the question @saoussen5765,

Cmder is just a Windows console emulator as a replacement for Powershell and Cmd. It basically turns your Linux-like commands to the Windows commands.

For example, if you want to list files on the cmd, you need to use the dir command, but with Cmder, you can use ls -la just like Linux.

And it is not related to WSL. If you want to use any Linux distro on WSL, the emulator doesn’t matter.


Look like I’m also missing: in our terminal Wiki post. Will add.