Best Linux Distro (2023)

This is fair. I guess it really depends on what you are coming from. Like if you are on an Apple OS, for example, you would probably want something different than someone coming off Windows. Arch is a good one!

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I believe that Debian itself is ok for all windows users coming to linux.

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Lubuntu is nice, considering that users are usually coming from low-horsepower older systems, but the app stack can sometimes be a problem; For example, Thunderbird is documented well on the web, alternative apps like Claws/Slypheed not as much.


I wanted something most like Windows 10/11 and was recommended Zorin so that is what I will be starting out with right now as a complete noob to Linux. Based on what I read and saw, I think it will be a good match. I will report back!

I have experience on installation in recycled hardware for people without resources, or without storage. One distro that I implemented is AntiX Linux, that runs fine from USB or storage. Updates could be too from USB (Not connected zones, or no Internet Access). Is easy to use and has a broad support for languages and desktops.
Santiago Frias
Tech Developer.

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@kweiske I checked out the Lubuntu website and only just realized they switched from Lxde to LXQt. Thanks! Had not used Lubuntu in years! Looks worth checking into.

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I started using Lubuntu back when I had an old single-core Thinkpad, but found the UI capable enough that I kept using it well into the dual core and quad core days.

It makes a great VM OS, too, because of its low overhead.


Ubuntu 22.04 is actually really good. Although consider using distros tailored to you.


I agree.

I work for a FOSS company and as such all staff, regardless of role, are given an Ubuntu desktop as their work device. To date there is very little ‘culture shock’ encountered as it is familiar enough that people can get up and running almost immediately.

The default build is also Puppet managed by the desktop support team so less technical users do not have to work too much about patching and security. They do also support the option of ‘build your own’ which is nice for those that like things ‘just so’.

Personally I have tried various OS distributions in recent years including less mainstream option such as Pop OS! and Solus and while they do provide some nice desktop options I invariably end up drifting back to Ubuntu as it seems to get the best of support while having option to play around with different window managers.

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If you’re going to recommend slackware to expert users, I think you should also consider adding void-linux to the list. It has enough unique features that I think it deserves a mention at least. Cheers

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I used debian based distros ( mostly mint) for many years. Last month i wanted to try endeavouros.
I love it. it is arch but with ease installation. I am a developer and need some software to be up to date and this rolling distro granted me updated software without losing time to add repositories.
I just type:
$ yay
and i have all system updated.
For now i can just advise to try it.


I love rolling releases also. Great suggestion. Thanks for joining our community. :handshake:

I broke way too many rolling release distros lol

Agree, distro isn’t that important. More important is how old is the machine, and 32 or 64 bit.

One of the Ubuntu derivities is probably pretty good for the beginner. Much like windows, which they are probably coming from. I use Mint, and find it very easy to use and customize, and a great learning tool.

I also love Manjaro. Used to use it with xfce, but now with i3wm. If you know how to touch type and are a good typer - i3wm are probably great for you.

I think too many people get hung up on a particular package manager, but that shouldn’t be a problem…just take care and read the docs.

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Not a bad choice. Just remember, there are a LOT of programs out there, and more than likely, since you are a “willing switcher”, you may find some great programs to help you do what you want.

Most important…USE HELP from individuals. Don’t be put off by the “RTFM” types. We’ve all start from scratch at one time or another.

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After some months of endeavour os i can just confirm my impressions. It s a very good distro and i never felt the missing of mint. Mint is good too but sometimes i needed some software and i had to search a repository for a more recent version. Furthermore i keep using cinnamon. Cheers.


Now AntiX 22 version was updated on part of my recycled hardware, and runs fine. Also I have some problems with ati radeon on debian bullseye original version, that AntiX solves removing this kernel module. Next step, solve this problem on Debian or remove kernel module. Testing options related on this thread was next after solve ATI Radeon (AMD) problems ([AMD/ATI] Seymour [Radeon HD 6400M/7400M Series], gpu/drm/radeon.ko)

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A few months later, how do you feel about EndeavourOS?

I’ve been using Kali Linux with Pop Shell using i3 keyboard shortcut. I get all the benefits of a full Desktop Environment with all the efficiency of i3 tiling and shortcuts. Will update the article to reflect this.